Inquest Representation

Representation for Families

Representation for Families

When a loved one dies your life can be turned upside down. If your loss is complicated by the need for a Coroner’s Court Inquest you may feel overwhelmed. Although Coroner’s and the Coroner’s Officers are very helpful at providing information, explaining the process and answering questions – you may still feel that the complicated medical evidence involved, including medical terminology, medical records and statements from healthcare professionals – are simply too much to make any real sense of…

The Inquest Hearing itself can be daunting. Inquests are very ‘formal’ court-type Hearings and often take place in a court-room type settings. It can, understandably, be very difficult for the recently bereaved to simply attend these formal hearings and listen to distressing evidence from professional witnesses – never mind, having to actually give evidence and compose one’s self sufficiently to ask relevant questions of the medical professionals involved with the care of a loved one, before their death – especially if those medical professionals have expert lawyers representing them, and you are on your own.

Inquest Legal can help you through this often difficult and complicated process. We provide a free, no-obligation telephone appointment to discuss your circumstances. Once we have an idea of the length of hearing and the documents likely to be involved, we will be able to provide you with a quick, and we believe, an affordable fixed fee quotation for all of the work involved – including preparation, review and analysis of key evidence and full representation at the Inquest Hearing. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Representation for Professionals

Although Inquest Legal is predominantly aimed at providing affordable Inquest advice and representation for families. We have significant experience of representing healthcare professionals in medical law matters – both in litigation and at inquests. With experience of successfully defending complex clinical negligence claims, providing legal advice and representation, as well as delivering talks and seminars on medico-legal issues – Inquest Legal are well placed to provide advice and representation to healthcare professionals attending Coroner’s Court Inquests.

We have experience of working directly with NHS Trusts and other organisations / individuals – including senior medical staff, managers, doctors, surgeons and nursing staff. Inquest Legal also has experience of working closely with the Medical and Dental Defence Union (MDU / DDU) and have advised and guided their members through complex medical law matters – involving General Practitioners, Dentists, Physicians, Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons.

If you are an NHS Trust, GP / GP Practice, Doctor, Dentist, Nurse – with or without indemnity insurance – and are interested in ways in which Inquest Legal could assist you or your organisation either with an Inquest or any of our Litigation Support or Medico-Legal Training services – please get in touch to discuss.

Pro Bono

pro bono

Inquest Legal are passionate about access to justice – particularly in relation to the complex and emotive world of Coroner Court Inquests.

We are committed to undertake a proportion of Pro Bono Inquest advice and representation each year.

Although this will be the exception rather than the rule – all cases will be considered on an individual basis and the facts and merits assessed at the first point of call.

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