Inquest Law Firm & Legal Consultancy

Inquest Legal is a sole practice law firm and legal consultancy business. It was set up by experienced healthcare lawyer Peter Wade to provide a litigation support service to clinical negligence & personal injury law firms, and medico-legal training for healthcare organisations.

Please see our Services page for details of our legal consultancy and litigation support for law firms – including assistance with witness statements, court & client attendance, case & medical records analysis, and training.

Primarily however, Inquest Legal was established in order to provide an affordable legal option for bereaved families facing Coroner’s Court Inquest – following the death of a loved one – in a hospital, healthcare or mental health setting.

Inquest Funding: Current Problems

Coroner’s Court Inquests involve a complex and highly emotive area of law. Specialist legal advice and representation in this area is notoriously difficult to access due to extremely restricted funding options. Legal Aid is generally unavailable. Many household or ‘before the event’ insurance policies do not cover the cost of Inquest representation. Although some firms may be able to help with funding through a ‘no-win no fee’ agreement – that is often only if there is a significant claim to follow – which is not always the case.

This may mean that the only option for many families is to pay for legal advice and representation privately. Where specialist legal advice and representation is required – paying privately can often cost hundreds of pounds per hour. Unfortunately, this means that many families have no option but to navigate these complex investigations without legal advice and attend the Inquest alone.

Inequality of Arms

Despite families not being able to obtain legal funding – doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics and other professionals involved, will very often have access to legal advice and representation at the Inquest – even when the family does not.

This unacceptable situation has been widely acknowledged as an ‘inequality of arms’ and is currently subject to government review. Recently, bereaved families gave evidence at a Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights – alongside senior lawyers and the Executive Director of leading charity INQUEST – to speak about the inequality of arms they have faced in accessing legal support when state agencies are represented by teams of publicly funded expert legal teams.

Our Solution

Inquest Legal aims to provide an affordable solution for families facing this situation – by providing experienced, specialist advice and representation at Inquests for an affordable fixed fee – at a fraction of the cost of typical specialist private legal fees.

We provide a free, no-obligation telephone discussion about the Inquest you may be involved with and subject to any further information which may be required e.g. in relation to the documents to be considered or witnesses involved – we will provide you with our fixed fee quote.

Inquest Legal’s fixed fee will provide you with an experienced ‘grade A’ healthcare lawyer, based on an hourly rate of only £50 (significantly less than typical UK guideline hourly rates which are in excess of £200).

We acknowledge that typical, specialist private legal fees, incurred on a traditional ‘hourly rate’ basis are out of reach for most ordinary families. Inquest legal offers an affordable, professional solution to assist you in these most difficult of circumstances. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

We will also consider acting for families on a Pro Bono basis from time to time based on individual circumstances.

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have professional indemnity insurance of £3 million.

“It was a refreshing change to be treated by someone with such compassion, professionalism and above all… care.”